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Methods of learning

  • Moments
  • Magazines
  • Quickscan
  • Explained
  • Facetime
  • Fact Show
  • Good to know
  • Instructions
  • Smart Info
  • Case Study
  • Quiz
  • Go! | To do
  • Fast forward
  • Dilemma Story
  • Interview
  • How-To
  • Storyboard
  • Smart Image
  • Test

Moments: Get inspired with these videos.

Fan of Louis Theroux? We have Cintia Taylor and Ikenna Azuike! They capture special people with inspiring stories through their short documentaries.

Magazines: Snackable, but informative!

This beautifully designed content is fun, casual, and informative. They’re packed with fun examples, inspiring quotes, and useful tips.

Quickscan: Curious how much you already know about a subject?

Curious how much you already know about a subject? Then start the training course with a Quick Scan. Answer the questions from the Quickscan and check

Explained: Want to learn something new quickly?

Explained: Want to learn something new quickly?Explained presents new theories, models, and principles in short, snackable animations.

Facetime: Listen to the experiences of an expert.

In Facetime, you can watch short interviews with experts from all kinds of fields where they share their insights and know-how.

Fact Show: Facts and Figures, but just a little bit different!

In Fact Show we bring you all the facts and figures about a subject in a surprising way, helping you to remember all the data more easily.

Good to know: Take a look at the online mini-lectures.

Find out more about a particular theory or experiment in a short lecture. Our hosts will tell you everything you want to know!

Instructions: Dull manuals are a thing of the past!

Instructions help you on your way with sound and vision. Learn from the videos and instruction texts and get started right away!

Smart Info: If you like an overview, then ‘Smart Info’ is for you.

Here, the most important insights from the course are combined in a schematic overview.

Case Study: How do you apply all this knowledge in the real world?

In Case Study you will actively work with situations from practical examples. You will get two choices... Do you know how to make the right choice?

Quiz: Stimulating questions and striking fun facts.

Crazy about knowledge games? Then you would probably like to test your knowledge with a quiz? If so, you will like this learning format very much.

Go! | To do: Roll up your sleeves!

With Go | To Do! you get to work yourself. Our practical assignments give you insights into your own actions and allow you to apply your new skills immediately.

Fast forward: Prefer a summary to the whole movie?

In the short animations of Fast forward you get exactly that! All models, theories and step-by-step plans from the training course are briefly summarised. That's fast learning!

Dilemma Story: How does it end? That's up to you!

In Dilemma Story we take you into a story where you will be faced with various choices. Which way will you go? What are you going to do? You are in control but will you get it right?

Interview: Q&A with an expert!

In this format, we ask an expert everything we want to know! All your questions will be answered in these short interviews.

How-To: Put your knowledge into practice step by step.

Discover how to put certain tasks into practice. The demonstration videos in How-Tos give you a clear, step-by-step explanation that you can immediately apply yourself.

Storyboard: Funny animations with an instructive message.

Watch the Storyboard videos and learn more about the subject of your training in a fun and quick way.

Smart Image: An image paints a 1000 words.

That is exactly what this format shows. Images are better remembered, even when a lot of information is hidden in them. Fan of these search images? Then try Smart Image!

Test: Test yourself and your new knowledge with the final test!

Have you remembered everything correctly? Or do you need to study? The test is available at the end of each course. Nailed it? Get a certificate!

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