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When it comes to delivering exceptional service and outstanding food and beverages you can look no further than Fuller’s. They take pride in serving the best to their customers and are just as passionate about this when it come to their own employees. Fuller’s has been able to serve their employees with personal development through the implementation of GoodHabitz learning courses since 2019 when they started their initial pilot. Since then, Fuller’s has witnessed the development of their employees who work in all areas of the business. This has allowed them to propel themselves forward and add a variety of soft skills courses into their repertoire of skills to help them accelerate in their careers.

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Learning for all areas of the business

Fuller’s provides excellent service to their customers across their 200 pubs and 200 hotels around the UK. They encourage a culture of learning that stems from three core streams – Begin, Become and Beyond, depending on the phase of individual employees. Whilst they had enough technical and compliance-related content available, trainings for soft skill courses were missing.

Fuller’s, thanks to GoodHabitz, has filled that missing void and decided to pilot GoodHabitz amongst their employees to give them the opportunity to work on their soft skills. This can help enhance not only their day-to-day work, but also learn about other topics of interest, no matter what their role. Erol Mustafov, E-Learning Content Manager at Fuller’s said “We looked at the research and could see that personal development is something people perceive as a very important benefit. It’s up there with spending time with family and having a good work-life balance. Fuller’s didn’t have a perk like this to offer previously, and it’s useful for enhancing our retention levels.”

Learning anywhere, anytime

The pilot began with 4 operations managers who were then able to convince hundreds of other employees to start their own learnings that could benefit their daily tasks. An added bonus for many employees? Goodhabitz can integrate into Fuller’s LMS system and support mobile devices so that employees can study, no matter what their role is or where they are. “Only a small percentage of Fuller’s employees will be accessing the courses on laptops or desktops, so we needed a platform that would support mobile devices and be accessible through our learning app.”

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"In a short space of time, GoodHabitz has made a clear impact, and it’s being well-used.”


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Fuller’s enriches their employees soft skills with the help of our online courses. Wondering how your company can get started with learning and development? Read the complete story of Fuller’s and get inspired!

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