Learner marketing: Creating a successful strategy

89% of the working population indicated they are motivated to develop themselves personally. And yet, creating commitment to learning is a challenge. Today, you must convince and encourage your employees to learn. What if learner marketing was the key to achieving this? In this e-book, you will discover the basics and the advantages of marketing your online training courses, from theory to practice. We will guide you step by step through the development of a successful learner marketing strategy. We bet that your employees will find the desire to learn in no time!

And get your employees learning in no time!
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Learner marketing: a must to get your employees on the road to learning

Why market your training courses to your employees? Marketing is not your speciality, is it? Well, think again! Developing a marketing strategy for training courses will benefit both your L&D strategy and your employees.

Now is the time to take advantage of it. In this e-book you will discover:

• what online training course marketing is and why it is urgent for HR and L&D managers to develop marketing skills
• the steps to developing a successful marketing strategy
• the GoodHabitz 4P3E approach to quickly and effectively stimulate the desire to learn in all your employees • a detailed checklist to establish your strategy step by step
• specific tools to support you and feed into each step of your learner marketing strategy.


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learner marketing e-book

What is learner marketing? And how do you start? In this e-book, we give you all the tools you need to set up a successful learner marketing strategy.

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