Get acquainted with Promo Studio.

We are always there to help you when it comes to boosting the success of (online) learning within your organisation. You already have GoodHabitz, which means you have access to the best and most entertaining online training courses out there. The next step is to help your employees find their way to these courses and to get them excited about learning. How? With Promo Studio! Learn more here.

Promo Studio benefits.

If you were already a fan of our promotional materials, then you’ll love Promo Studio! Some major benefits:
Add your company logo and/or a link to your LMS.

  • Relevance
    Select the training courses and promotional products that are relevant to your organisation.
  • Up-to-date and green
    Products in the Promo Studio are always up-to-date, and you will never have to discard outdated prints anymore.
  • Online and off
    Promo Studio includes new promotional materials such as videos, mailings and off-the-shelf campaigns.
  • High-quality prints
    You can order prints from our partner Flyeralarm quickly and effortlessly. Of course, you can order from a printing company of your choice as well.


Posters, action plans, videos and more.

With Promo Studio you create entire campaigns, exactly the way you want them. Simply select the products and training courses that are most relevant to your company and customise them as you see fit.

Of course, we've also included our Promo Studio suppliers in our privacy policy.

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