GoodHabitz new back of jersey sponsor for PSV Eindhoven for 2022 - 2023 season.

GoodHabitz will be the PSV Eindhoven back of jersey sponsor starting with the 2022-2023 season. The market leader in Europe in the field of online learning has signed a contract for three seasons. Starting next summer, GoodHabitz will be featured on the back of the PSV jerseys of PSV 1 and the shirts sold in the PSV FANstore.

Today is a good day to be back.

Today is a good day to… be back.


GoodHabitz and PSV have been working together successfully since 2015. The Eindhoven based company became a member of PSV's Business Club seven years ago. Since then, the club's staff has gratefully used the online learning modules offered by GoodHabitz. In the 2018-2019 season, GoodHabitz was also featured on the back of PSV's jerseys. For the then relatively small GoodHabitz, this collaboration meant a boost in brand awareness in the Netherlands and Europe.


With this partnership we help each other to achieve our high ambitions

Maarten Franken CEO

Perfect match

"We are extremely pleased that the company is now returning on the back of our shirt," responds Commercial Director Frans Janssen. "GoodHabitz is a true Eindhoven-based company that operates in a distinctive, quirky way, achieving great international success. GoodHabitz is innovative and has the ambition to achieve even greater international expansion, just like PSV. It is a perfect match for PSV," says Janssen.


Global growth

"We are proud of this partnership with PSV, a big club in Europe," says Maarten Franken, CEO of GoodHabitz. "PSV is a binding factor in the region and we are happy to be part of that. In the Brainport region there are a lot of smart people, smart companies, and smart collaborations. With this partnership we help each other to achieve our high ambitions." Milan Hofmans, CMO at GoodHabitz, adds: "On top of that, it is of course a great addition to our completely new marketing strategy to conquer the world with GoodHabitz in addition to the Netherlands and Europe. The international character of both PSV and GoodHabitz will be a win-win situation for both parties."

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