Great news: You can now recommend courses!

Plan on plugging the training course Online Teamwork within your organisation? Want to point out to your sales team that ‘How to Survive in Sales?’ is available to them? Or would you like your administrative staff to get cracking with our Excel course? Now you can do it all in a heartbeat!

Thanks to a new dashboard feature, you can now highlight specific training courses. Recommending courses is easy for anyone with an account manager role. In the dashboard, simply go to ‘recommend courses’, choose who you’re recommending to (your entire organisation or a group), and then select one or more training courses.

Finally, you enter a start and end date: that’s the period in which the selected course or courses will appear first on the users’ overview page. Changed your mind? You can always remove or change recommendations in the dashboard. There’s nothing to it. Start reaping the benefits of our new feature today - it comes highly recommended!

Recommend your favorite course
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