Get to know the Promo Studio.

We are always happy to help you in making learning successful in your organisation. With GoodHabitz you get the best and most enjoyable training courses for your organisation. The next step? Making sure that your employees are able to find those training courses and motivating them to get started with online learning. That's why all of our clients get free access to the Promo Studio.

What does the Promo Studio entail?

The Promo Studio is the place to be for all your promotional campaigns. It helps you to bring GoodHabitz and our training courses to the attention of your organisation. You can create motivating campaigns, in any way you want to suit your organisation perfectly.

Promostudio UK@2X

The Promo Studio was very handy and the GoodHabitz coach was indispensable.

Alina Pascarel L&D-professional


The more recognisable the communication is, the more impact can be made in an organisation. That is why all creations in the Promo Studio can be customised with your own logo and references can be made to the learning environment. That way, employees recognise the campaigns and are immediately referred to the right place.
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Digital versus print

In the Promo Studio you can make digital creations such as emails, videos or images but you can also use offline resources such as posters, action plans or placemats. That way you can reach your employees through all communication channels.
Promo Studio 3

Order or print directly

Your campaigns can be printed or you can have them delivered. To realise this we collaborate with our partner Flyeralarm. Do you have your own partner in printing? No problem. Just download the files and send them over.
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