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Stay up to date with our social media and Microsoft office courses

Let's get digital! Digital skills are now indispensable in the workplace and developments follow each other in rapid succession. With GoodHabitz' online courses, you give your employees the opportunity to keep improving their digital skills. Start, for example, with the Microsoft Office courses! Learn via a PowerPoint, Word and Excel course to get the most out of each program. Have you already mastered Office 365? Then challenge yourself with a social media course! Learn how to search smarter in Google, expand your digital network with LinkedIn or follow the training 'Facebook for companies' to significantly increase the number of likes!

GoodHabitz’ online courses

How do we make online learning a good habit? With online courses that are accessible, contemporary but above all fun! Every GoodHabitz training course is made 100% in-house. This way we know for sure that every course consists of inspiring videos, interesting magazines and challenging assignments. You decide how you like to learn and at what time you do so. Does that sound good? Then give our online courses a try! With more than 150 online courses in our library, you'll never be out of practice. In fact, we expand our range of courses every month. This way we make sure that learning becomes a good habit for you, your colleagues and all employees within your organisation.

Upgrade the digital skills of your employees to 21st century skills!

Create a pivot table in Excel. Significantly increase the number of likes on Facebook. Add an extensive table of contents to a report in Word. Or share the minutes of the last meeting with all attendees via Google drive. After attending GoodHabitz’ Microsoft Office, Google and Facebook courses, your employees will be familiar with all the digital skills required in the modern workplace. Give your employees the opportunity to continue to develop themselves and learn new skills. Start today with GoodHabitz' online courses!