Design your own conversation card.

Let’s say you want to make diversity and inclusivity topics of discussion in the workplace. Or perhaps you think that the communication in your organisation could be more transparent, especially when it comes to giving and receiving feedback. Just use conversation cards! A conversation card is a tool created to help you talk about any theme you want to discuss. You can now design your own conversation card in Promo Studio. Trust us, it’s easy as pie.

Now available in Promo Studio

Starting a conversation about the core values of your organisation can sometimes feel slightly awkward or even uncomfortable. "If your organisation stands for positivity, for example, how do you crystalise such an abstract concept? In our training courses, we take these kinds of core values, competencies and themes and make them tangible." The conversation card is meant to make it as effortless as possible to raise any subject and seek dialogue. 

Create it in Promo Studio 

Creating your conversation card in Promo Studio is easy. You choose a core value, competence or theme that you want to draw attention to. Then, you select a maximum of four training courses that fit your subject (if you need a little helpjust ask your coach). Choose the standard descriptions or write your ownAll done? Your conversation card is available immediately as a PDF file. You could also choose to print it, or order your copy via Promo Studio. Good luck, we hope itll get people talking!