Learning as fun as cinema night?

At GoodHabitz, we consider life to be a learning adventure. Now that's some motivation to make learning fun and accessible for everyone. As much fun, in fact, as your favourite hobby, binging a Netflix show or going to the cinema. The best example of our efforts? Probably 'GoodHabitz Moments': beautiful 10 to 15-minute documentaries about inspiring individuals and their life lessons. Moments offer up several interesting themes and dilemmas that will (hopefully) get you thinking.

We believe it is! Especially now!
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The online training course Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind features a Moments episode on the power of meditation as part of an eventful and hectic life. You'll learn about the importance of morning rituals, even (or especially) when you're working from home.

Activation tip

GoodHabitz Moments is an excellent starting point if you want to talk about personal growth. Especially now. Why not change up your online meeting and start by watching a Moments documentary together? In the weeks to come, share a Moments episode that's relevant to you or your team, and make it a part of your 1-to-1s, team meeting or virtual coffee corner.

Curious to find out which training courses feature a Moments episode? You can find them in every first lesson of the courses.

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