Today is a good day to find out more about personal development.

So you're looking for the best way to help your employees with their personal development? That's the spirit! It's great to see you happened upon GoodHabitz during your search. We've got 6 reasons that make GoodHabitz the perfect solution for your organization. Don't look any further and read on!

and every other day!

Online courses to fall in love with

How do we get your organisation to start learning? It's simple: at GoodHabitz, you learn without even realising it! We make it as much fun as binging your favorite series, handing out likes and scoring a winning goal. It's all about intrinsic motivation.

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Learn how you want

With GoodHabitz, you learn in a way that truly suits you. Listen to, watch or do only the parts that fit your way of learning. There are different activities for each learning style. Nothing is mandatory; you learn the way you want!

Learn your way
USP 2 Learn how you want to

E-learning is in our DNA

Digital thinking is part of the GoodHabitz DNA. Our top-quality training courses are designed 100% in-house according to our unique didactic model. Top down and bottom up, with our courses we want everyone to be able to learn. And we've been successful, as our content gets assessed with an 8+.

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How we make learning a habit

With our unique approach, coaches and handy tools, we'll work together with you to ensure that your employees start learning in no time.

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ITO model

At GoodHabitz we do things a little differently

The beaten track rarely leads to an adventure. Call it stubborn, headstrong or brave. But we're convinced that this makes our e-learning even more fun and effective. No boring content. No mandatory parts. Nothing but inspiring online courses for everyone.

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USP 4 Different

A fixed fee for unlimited access to GoodHabitz

Wondering what GoodHabitz costs? We get it. For one fixed price, everyone in your organisation gets unlimited access to all of our training courses.

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USP 6 One set price

Everything complicated gets taken care of.

ISO 27001 certified

We take your data seriously.

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Connect to your LMS

Through LTI and Remote SCORM.

Free Single Sign On (SSO)

Safe and easy to use.

Detailed reporting

Insight into usage.

Extensive support

In your own language.

On tablet, desktop and mobile

Learn anywhere, anytime.


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