Today is a good day to reel them in (again).

Let’s get the conversation on reboarding started! Literally. Because with this talking card we help you to inventory all the wants, preferences and learnings your employees want to incorporate in the new way of working. The talking card gives you inspirational questions on 3 levels and in 3 moments of time to make sure your employees return to the office will be as smooth as silk.

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Reboarding is a hot topic now. The aim, of course, is to take employees with you in the transition to a new reality. And especially after the previous corona era, we have all undergone quite a change. One organisation already has a complete reboarding strategy ready, whilst others are still looking for the best approach. Now that the world is slowly opening again, and people are returning to the office, a step-by-step plan is becoming essential. With good preparation, you ensure that employees can get back to work as soon as possible, motivated and committed, and feeling welcome in the workplace. Of course, a lot has changed over the past year, perhaps you have gained certain insights or discovered learning points that you now want to continue to pursue. Are you perhaps working more productively at home? Or are you tired of all those car journeys and the traffic jams that go with them? And what do you think of that flexibility? We have started to look at things differently, and so have your employees. Start talking and find out what the needs are at individual, team and organisational level. Because only then will you ensure that you are well prepared as an organisation.

Get the conversation started

Our talking card gives you the right tools to start the conversation with your employees. The talking card is structured in three phases: preparation, the first working week and a reflection. That way you immediately investigate the needs of your employees and ensure that you, as an organisation, can continue to fulfil them. In addition, the talking card is divided into three levels: individual, team and organisation. The needs of a team can differ considerably from individual preferences. By entering a conversation at three moments, on three different levels, you make an inventory of all the wants, needs and pitfalls. After all, we all want to return to an office full of motivated and involved employees. This way the process of reboarding your employees will be smooth as silk!


the reboarding talking card

With the help of this talking card, you can ask your employees the right questions and ensure that your reboarding strategy is ready for take-off.

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